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UT Whitaker FAQ

Who do I contact when I have a question or issue?

Please direct all questions regarding reservations to CATA Office Assistant.

Lexi Cubley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 512-443-1342

For all other league matters contact CATA Director of Leagues.

Casey Herridge
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 512-443-1342 Ext. 5

The staff at the UT Whitaker clubhouse and the administrators at the RecSports office will not be able to answer your questions regarding league schedules, rescheduling matches, and other related matters.  They will simply tell you to contact CATA. 

What are the UT Whitaker Hours? 

The most recent facility hours can be found here:

What should I do if the facility is not open when my team is scheduled to play?

If the facility is not open by 10 minutes within the listed hours please call or text the Director of Leagues on her cell 210-275-3173.
If you are scheduled at 9am on Sunday, we have usually paid for a staffer to come in early to open the facility for your match and they tend to arrive by 8:45am.

Do I have to pay for Parking?     

No. Parking permits are available for free for players while playing a league match.
Players must park in the lot off 51st st. and walk to the UT Whitaker clubhouse and ask the staffer for the permit.
You must then return to your car and place it on your dashboard.
Make sure you have enough time to do all of this. Getting a permit does not delay the 15 minute default rule. 

It is the responsibility of Home captain to inform the visiting captain in advance of this procedure to prevent their guests from being ticketed by the UT Police.

CATA and RecSports will not cover the cost of these citations.

Permits are not available for spectators or when there are no league matches scheduled.  

How do I check my reservations?

You may check the following link for your upcoming reservation.

What if there is something wrong with my assigned court?

UT usually posts a daily schedule on the entrance door to the clubhouse which will list your team and exactly which courts you are playing on.
If there is something wrong with your courts, like they have a big puddle or the net is broken, ask the desk person in the clubhouse which courts may be available to move to.
UT staff does hourly checks of facility usage. If you are on courts not reserved for you, they will see more courts are in use than we have scheduled and may charge us extra.

How do I check to see if the courts are wet?   

You can check court conditions here:
It may not be updated for a late change in conditions, so usually someone will need to go to the courts and take a look at them to be sure. 

How do I cancel courts that I no longer need?

Contact Lexi at [email protected] to cancel courts in advance of the match time. Weekend cancellations needs to be emailed by 3pm on Friday.

How do I reschedule a match that was postponed due to weather?

In the event your Whitaker match is canceled due to weather, the team Captains must submit a UT Whitaker Make-up Court Request Form
Please allow two business days for rescheduling confirmation.

You may also use this form if you want to reserve courts for a floating match.

RecSports is only open weekdays 9am-4pm and closed on most holidays.
Therefore, a request sent on Friday at 4:10 won’t even be seen by them until 9am Monday.
Please be mindful of that when submitting your requests.

What are the Covid protocols?

General league Covid procedures apply while at the facility. Covid procedures may change as conditions warrant.
Currently, masks are not required in the clubhouse, but be prepared with one if this policy shifts.
Social distancing should be maintained on the grounds.
Unnecessary spectators are discouraged.
When your team is finished playing, leave the facility.

We want to share a bottle of wine after a match, is alcohol allowed?

No alcohol is allowed on the UT Whitaker grounds ever.

UT checks the garbage cans and will immediately rescind CATA’s use of the facility. Leave those coolers in the car.
Having a beer after at the facility could result in the loss of court use for 25 teams.  

Can we bring our dog to the match?

Sorry, no pets are allowed inside the facility, so only stuffed animal mascots are allowed.
Exceptions are made for certified service animals, you may be asked to produce documentation.