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CATA Gran Prix Junior Tour

The CATA Gran Prix Junior Tour is a series of eight tournaments open to beginner and intermediate junior players aged 10-18. Players earn points each tournament toward an age-division city ranking.

The 2023 Season

*Deadlines for the Gran Prix Events: 4:59pm CDT

Date of PlayTournament SiteDeadline
3/24-3/26Onion Creek CC
Unsanctioned Onion Creek Gran Prix 10 O/G, 12, 14, 16-18
4/21-4/23Polo Tennis Club
Unsanctioned Gran Prix Polo Club 10 O/G, 12,14,16-18
Unsanctioned Austin Tennis Center Gran Prix 10 O/G,12,14,16-18
6/16-6/18Austin Tennis Academy
Unsanctioned Austin Tennis Academy Gran Prix 10 O/G,12, 14, 16-18
6/23 – 6/25World of Tennis
Unsanctioned World of Tennis Grand Prix 10 O/G,12, 14, 16-18
6/30 – 7/02Grey Rock
Unsanctioned Grey Rock Gran Prix 10 O/G, 12, 14, 16-18
7/21 – 7/23Georgetown
Unsanctioned Georgetown Gran Prix 10 O/G, 12, 14, 16-18
08/11 – 08/13River Place
Unsanctioned Gran Prix River Place 10 O/G 12, 14, 16-18
08/26 – 08/27Masters
Gran Prix Masters Invitational

Current Standings

(Updated after matches are played)

Boys’ 10 OrangeGirls’ 10 Orange
Boys’ 10 GreenGirls’ 10 Green
Boys’ 12sGirls’ 12s
Boys’ 14sGirls’ 14s
Boys’ 18sGirls’ 18s

Gran Prix Information

What: The Tour is comprised of eight Open Tournaments for beginner through intermediate players. Eligibility based upon UTR rating:

UTR Rating per Division:

Boys 12’s  – 3.00 and below

Girls 12’s – 2.25 and below

Boys 14’s – 4.00 and below

Girls 14’s – 3.00 and below

Boy’s 15-18 – 4.50 and below

Girl’s 15-18 – 3.50 and below

Who: Any novice, Former Future Stars or Former Challenger level player are encouraged to register.  Former “Champ” players may not participate unless within UTR rating limit.

How: Players accumulate points earned in each tournament and are ranked by points in age divisions. The top eight players in each age division advance to the Junior Masters Invitational. Winners from the Junior Masters advance to Gran Prix State Championships.  Notes: Tournament play is intended for Saturday only but may start Friday evening if registrant numbers dictate. Sunday is considered a rain date.

Format:  12s – 18s  will play an 8-game pro-set with no-ad scoring, 12-point tie-break at 8-8.  Consolation for first match lost.

10 & Under Green Ball – Two sets to 4 games, no ad scoring. Sudden death at 3-3. 12 point tie-break at one set each. Consolation first match lost.

10 & Under Orange Ball – Two sets to 4 games, no ad scoring. Sudden death at 3-3, 12 point tie-break at one set each. Consolation first match lost.

Point Chart:

Champion: 32 points

Finalist: 16 points

Semi-finalist: 8 points

Quarter-finalist: 4 points

Round of 16: 2 points

Consolation: 1pt per round won

Participation: 1 point

If a player ages up during Junior Tour, their points do NOT follow them to the next age division.

Email Chad Loup at [email protected] for more information.