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CATA Leadership

Our organization is comprised of a staff and volunteer team dedicated to making tennis accessible to all. We are always looking for brilliant minds to help fulfill our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities: To be considered for a committee or for special events, please submit the volunteer application form.

Board of Directors: It is a requirement that all interested parties become involved with our committees and/or other volunteer opportunities prior to being voted into our Board of Directors. Please submit the CATA board member application form to apply.

Staff Openings: For staff position openings, please contact us.


Executive DirectorFernando Velasco
Director of Junior Programming and Junior Awards BanquetMelissa Chambers
Director of LeaguesCasey Herridge
Director of Communications and Social MediaTammy Dendy
Office AssistantLexi Cubley
Assistant Tournament AdministratorDave Tibbetts
Office AssistantAmy Mulvihill


PresidentGrant Chambers ‘(25)
Past PresidentMichael MacVay (’22)
Vice-PresidentKaren Brooks (’25)
SecretaryBrad Wisdom (’26)
TreasurerTai Tran (’24)
Ex-OfficioCarol Welder (’23)
MembersBrian Notis (’23)
D’Artagnan Bebel (’23)
Becca Stephens (’24)
Brad Wisdom (’26)
Chad Loup (’25)
Elizabeth Deerinwater (’24)
Erin Portman (’24)
Mardy Ayers (’24)
Tim Klitch (’25)


Committee NameChairCommittee MembersStaff Liaison
BylawsMardy AyersCarol WelderFernando Velasco
FundraisingBrad WisdomBeverly Bowes
Grant Chambers
Erin Portman
Tai Tran
Tim Klitch
Fernando Velasco
Junior DevelopmentMichael MacVayBrian Notis
Chad Loup
Chandler Harris
Elizabeth Deerinwater
Garrett Pekar
James Sombathy
Kapil Rajurkar
Melissa Chambers
Monte Williams
Neil Adams
Richard Evans
Sarah Pernell
Wyatt Harper
Junior Team Tennis AdvisoryMichael MacVayDave Tibbetts
James Sombathy
AJ Garcia
Brian Notis
Chandler Harris

LeaguesKaren BrooksD’Artagnan Bebel
Michelle Graham
Anthony Horsley
Laura Hudson
Tony Kayser
Leon Kincy
Guyanne Nichols
Corey Pavletich
Roger Vallejo
Carol Welder
Danny Walker
Casey Herridge
ScholarshipMardy AyersKaren Brooks
Mary Anne Clement
Elizabeth Deerinwater
Leslie Oduwole
Ana Eriksson
Tom Webber
Social EventsBecca StephensElizabeth Deerinwater
Chad Loup
Anthony Horsley
Fernando Velasco
Carol Welder
Gina Whittington
Jennifer Isenbeg
Cathy Douglas

TournamentErin PortmanAnthony Horsley
Chad Loup
D’Artagnan Bebel
Julie Thu
Michelle Graham
Kat Kaliski
Kimm Ketelsen
Brian Notis
Fernando Velasco
Facility Utilization and ExpansionTBDGrant Chambers
Tim Klitch
Janet Walker
Sean Doles
Becca Stephens
Carol Welder
Jeff Rausch
Tony Kayser
Sonia Prusaitis
Ted Burton
Fernando Velasco
Awards CommitteeMardy Ayers
Anthony Horsley
Karen Brooks
Ana Eriksson
Carol Welder
Roger Vallejo
Fernando Velasco


Years of ServicePresidentYears of ServicePresident
2020-2021Michael MacVay1993 – 1994Jay Svinicki
2019-2020Mary Anne Clement1991 – 1992Robin Doty
2016-2018Charlotte Herzele1989 – 1990Doug Lawson
2014 – 2016Tom Webber1987 – 1988Peggy Van Court
2011 – 2013Tosha Smith1985 – 1986Brad Beal
2009 – 2010Ray Delk1984Gary Rauschuber
2007 – 2008Mardy Ayers1983Bill Ashbaugh
2005 – 2006James Humphrey1981 – 1982Pat Nester
2003 – 2004Teresa Roberson1979 – 1980Bobby Green
2001 – 2002Gary Heinberg1978Bo Byers
1997 – 2000Carol Welder
1995 – 1996Jon Levy