About Us

The Capital Area Tennis Association serves Austin and the surrounding metropolitan area as a non-profit community service tennis organization. CATA’s membership is composed of tennis enthusiasts who are dedicated to fostering national and international amateur sports competition through junior and adult programs that promote the sport and its benefits. Incorporated in 1974, CATA’s goal was to develop fully the tennis potential of our community with a primary aim to involve more young people in tennis and coach them in sportsmanship. Stimulating more general interest in tennis and giving advisory consultation to public officials concerning the development and maintenance of local facilities also became a focus of the organization. CATA has come to serve as a headquarters for tennis education and as a clearinghouse for information on the various local tennis programs. CATA provides a wide range of activities for players of all ages and ability levels. As a community tennis association, we promote and administer at the local level the United States Tennis Association’s national and the Texas Tennis Association’s sectional programs.

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