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Complaint Form

Please acknowledge the following to populate the form. The form must be filled out in its entirety.

A protest alleging an on-court violation of a rule or procedure shall be submitted in writing with the local league coordinator or be submitted as an online complaint prior to the commencement of the next team match or within 24 hours after the end of local play, whichever occurs first. USTA League Tennis Grievance Procedures shall be followed.

Complaints must be filed by (a) the captain of a team; (b) the local League Coordinator; (c) a member of the CATA Leagues Committee.

If the matter is an NTRP protest, a written protest must be submitted by a team captain to Todd Reed, Ratings Coordinator, [email protected], at USTA Texas.

Upon receipt of any form of complaint, a copy of such complaint will be sent AS WRITTEN to the party(ies) against whom the complaint has been filed AND the name of the complainant will be listed (this is NOT an anonymous process). Keeping that in mind, be constructive with your criticism and suggested solutions.