League Descriptions

2021 Leagues 

Fall: (Start of 2021 Championship Year, plays Sept-Dec 2020)

Fall 18 & Over Mixed (completed)

Fall 18 & Over Men/Women Weekday/Weekend (completed) 

Fall 55 & Over Doubles (completed)

Fall Lonestar Ladies Doubles League (completed) 

Fall Tri Level League (completed)


Winter 18 & Over Men/Women Weekday/Weekend (in progress)

Winter 40 & Over Mixed (registering)

Winter 55 & Over Doubles (registering)

Spring: (not updated for Spring 2021 yet)

Spring 18&Over Open League (maybe)

Spring 40 & Over Men/Women Spring Weekday/Weekend (updated)

Spring 65 & Over Doubles (Completed)

Spring Lonestar Ladies Doubles League (Canceled)

Spring Combo League (Canceled)

Summer: (not updated for Summer 2021 yet)

Summer 18 & Over Mixed (Completed)

Summer 55 & Over Mixed (Completed)

Summer Doubles (Completed)





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