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2024 FALL 18 & Over Men/Women Weekend/Weekday

(Plays Fall 2023)

Players must be 18 years or older at the time of registration to be eligible to play in this league. The 2022 Year-End ratings will be used.  Men’s and Women’s league tennis for weekends and weekdays (see table).  For your particular division, you will play on the same day and time each week, unless scheduling conflicts dictate otherwise.  At least 3 teams required in the 3.5 & 4.0 levels.  2.5, 3.0, and 4.5+* can have a two team league.

This is a non-qualifying season, which means there are no Sectionals or Nationals.
All matches will count towards year-end ratings.

Register Your Team Here

Registration opens: July 10, 2023

Registration Deadline/Initial Roster Due: August 7, 2023

Levels/Times: 2024 League Schedule

Season Runs: September 9, 2023-November 19, 2023 

Playoffs: No playoffs in non-qualifying season.

Sectionals:  No Sectionals in non-qualifying season.

Nationals: No Nationals in non-qualifying season.

*The 4.5+ level can have 3 players from the next higher level (5.0).  The higher level plus players must play the #1 position, either #1 Singles or #1 Doubles. Up to two Plus (+) players may compete in a team match when the league utilizes five individual matches within a team match.  Leagues with less than five individual matches within a team match may only have one Plus (+) player play. 

More detailed Plus League Rules:

Since USTA does not sponsor Plus leagues anymore, if we want to play them locally we have to put them under the Open category and self-impose rules.
Matches still count towards ratings unless we violate a ratings combination.

Each team can have up to THREE 5.0 players on their roster.
You can also have 4.0s play up.
The 51% rule is in effect. 51% of the team must be 4.5 players.

Since this league is registered under the Open category, the system will not stop you from adding more than three 5.0s, or violating the 51% rule, or adding players ranked too low for the league.  You just have to know that you can’t have them and self police yourselves. 

If you accidentally add a player that you should not , i.e. a fourth 5.0, a 5.5 or higher, or someone lower than 4.0, just contact me to have them removed.
We will give them a credit towards a future season.
If they play in a match before it is noticed they were not supposed to, that match will be considered a default.

Match Play
In the 5-line leagues, Women’s Weekday and Men’s, you can play up to TWO 5.0 players in a match.
Your 5.0 players must play in the Singles 1 and/or Doubles 1 position.
You can put one in singles and one in doubles, or they can play Doubles 1 together.

In the 4-line Women’s Weekend league, only ONE 5.0 can play in a match.
Your 5.0 player must play in the Singles 1 or Doubles 1 spot.

If a 5.0 is put in Singles 2, Doubles 2 or Doubles 3, that line is defaulted.

A 4.0 player cannot play against, or with, a 5.0 player in Singles or Doubles.
The exception being if no other option exists and you are trying to avoid a team default for minimum lines played.
In this scenario, the match can be played but NONE of the lines will count towards ratings that day.

EXAMPLE: You only have 4 players available for a match and they are all 4.0s and the opposing team has a 5.0 or two available. You can play the match with the 4.0s and enter scores in TennisLink, but none of the matches that day, including lines where 4.0s played other 4.0s or 4.5s will count towards ratings.

Therefore, if it seems this scenario is about to happen, I recommend the captain with only 4.0s available contact the opposing captain and inform them of the situation, so they can consider not bringing 5.0s that day so that matches can count towards ratings.