2023 CATA Scholarship Applications 

CATA Scholarship

For Graduating Seniors

Each year the Capital Area Tennis Association, a non-profit tennis organization, distributes college scholarships to local graduating high school seniors who play tennis. The Scholarship Committee evaluates each application on the basis of tennis involvement in conjunction with the student’s scholastic achievements and involvement in community services. The committee then submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. Funds are presented at the CATA Annual Junior Awards Banquet or sent to the recipient’s home. Scholarship funds are acquired from various CATA offered programs.

Online application (use Application button).  


Ricardo Flores Memorial Hispanic Scholarship

For Hispanic Graduating Seniors

This need-based Scholarship will be awarded annually to a Hispanic graduating senior from the Capital Area Tennis Association (CATA) Community.  All candidates must have an active involvement in tennis either at school or in the local tennis community, and must submit a complete application to CATA.

Online application (use Application button).  



USTA Tennis and Education Foundation Scholarship

Multiple Scholarships Available

The USTA Tennis Foundation awards scholarships to deserving youngsters who have participated in USTA and other organized youth tennis programs. The following scholarships are offered:

USA Tennis Foundation College Educational Scholarship
The Dwight F. Davis Memorial Scholarship
The Dwight Mosley Scholarship Award
The Eve Kraft Education and College Scholarship
The USA Tennis Foundation College Textbook Scholarship


USTA Grants

Multiple Grants Available


2022 CATA Scholarship Recipients

Corbin Adcox Locke Lord LLP
Jamie Antonacci Locke Lord LLP
Ethan Baker Locke Lord LLP
Crystal ZhouLocke Lord LLP
Kalea Caldwell Locke Lord LLP
Cailin Cifra Locke Lord LLP
James Cockrell Mary Anne Clement
Jacqueline Creel Mary Anne Clement
Bobby Currie Dell
Anmay Devaraj Dell
Aashish Dhanani In Memory of Paul Isurin
Paul Furrer In Memory of Paul Isurin
Sanjana Ganganamani In Memory of Paul Isurin
Mason Hart In Memory of Paul Isurin
Aidan Johannsen Austin Subaru
Zachary Miller Wyatt Harper
Nicolas Montoya Watercolor Financial Group
Claire Pauwels Austin Women's Tennis Association
Katie Pratt Good Sports Foundation
Jacob Riezebeek CATA
Jacqueline Schnabel CATA
Ireland Simme CATA
Angela Song CATA
Jude Strelitz-Block CATA
Maya Vogdes CATA
Trayton Weeden CATA
Emma WiedCATA
Michaela AdcoxRicardo Flores Memorial Scholarship
Mason HartRicardo Flores Memorial Scholarship
Islabella TemplinRicardo Flores Memorial Scholarship
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