Team Registration

Things to remember before registering for a team number:
1. You must have permission to use the courts at your home facility before registering.
2. You will receive your team number within 48 hours (not counting weekends).
3. Players will not be able to register if their USTA membership is set to expire before the end of the season.
4. Captains and players are responsible for being up to date with the latest CATA League Regulations.
5. Be sure to select the correct league season below, refer to the League Schedule if unsure what season you need.

Fall League Team Registration

2023 Fall Leagues are: 18+ League, 18+ Fall Fun Flex League, Lone Star League, Tri-Level League

Winter League Team Registration

2023 Winter Leagues are: 40+ League, 18-39 League, 18+ Mixed Doubles League,
55+ Doubles League, 18+ 2.5 Ladies Non-Qual League

Spring League Team Registration

2023 Spring Leagues are: 18+ League, 18+ Open League, 40+ Mixed, 65+ Doubles League,
Lonestar League, Combo League

Summer League Team Registration

2022 Summer Leagues are: 55+ Mixed Doubles, Summer Doubles, Summer 18-39 League.


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