Masters FAQ

Q: Will the 12 month rolling standings that were published in September be the ones that are used to determine the top 8 for the Master’s tournament?

A: NO. A special ranking report called the Texas Selection List is published. Instructions to access this report are in the NOTES portion of the tournament homepage.

Q: If I forget to register online by 11:59 p.m. on or before the tournament deadline and I am in the top 8 in my division, will I receive an invitation to play?


Q: If I am not currently in the top 8 in my division is there any point in me registering for the tournament?

A: MOST DEFINITELY…REGISTER! It costs you nothing. While your credit card information is obtained for during the registration process, you will ONLY be billed if you are selected for the tournament. Once the Tournament Director Selection process is completed players will receive a Congratulatory or Regret email regarding their entry registration 

Injuries and illness regrettably occur in our sport. If the “top-8 ranked” doubles partner has to withdraw from the tournament, the team will be withdrawn and the spot will go to the next qualified doubles team. If the remaining partner has a qualifying ranking, they may choose a new partner. However, that partner must be a player already REGISTERED for this tournament.

This is another reason to register. Substitutions like this happen every year and if the person you want to play with isn’t a registered applicant, they are not eligible to play (NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED).

Q: If I am not in the top 8 in doubles, and one of the top 8 selected another in the top 8 to partner with, will you go down the rankings until 8 doubles teams have been selected?

A: Yes.

Q: I am tied in the rankings with another person.  How will ties be broken to determine who will be invited?

A: Ties are broken first by head to head play. Second by the best win/loss ratio of matches actually played. Third by the highest point win in a single tournament. The Tournament Committee shall then use a random drawing among any remaining tied players.

Q: Can I select a doubles partner that I have not played with in the ranking year?

A: Yes, but the partner you select MUST have played in a USTA sanctioned tournament within your level or above from Jan 1, 2021 – Sept 5, 2021. Self-rating rules apply to selected partners.

Q: Looking at my profile, I have an “S” next to my rating. What does that mean?

A: Self Rating (S): A Self Rating is an NTRP entry-level rating generated upon a new player or a player re-entering the USTA League Adult Division with a M (Mixed) or T (Tournament) rating, after completing the USTA Self-Rate Questionnaire. To participate in the USTA League, all players must have a valid Computer Rating or Self-Rating.

Q: If I want to participate in the Masters, and I have an “S”, what do I need to do to enter?

A: To request a History Verification Waiver, the player must send an email to Andrea Booth at, prior to the entry deadline. The player’s USTA membership number should be listed on the waiver request. The historical rating (T or M) must be the same level or lower, as the current self-rating and entered level. A waiver request and approval does not guarantee a “top 8” spot in the tournament. Online entry is still required no later than the entry deadline.

Q: How do I find what division(s) I qualified for?

A: Here is the link to find the rankings for the Open, H/W, and Singles and Doubles for the 18+ NTRP divisions.
1. Click NTRP
2. Find your rating and select Men’s/Women’s
3. Select NTRP 18+ National Standing Singles or Doubles
4. Publish date: 9/07/2021 (That was the last week to qualify for Masters)
5. Select All Sections: Texas
6. Your present ranking is Section which was used to send the invitations to the top 20 players in each division.

Q: How do I find my NTRP Mixed Doubles Ranking?

A: Since the USTA was unable to keep Mixed Doubles rankings this year (will be available for 2022), the Texas Section kept these records manually. To find out your ranking click here. Find your division and the top 20 on each were sent invitations via email.  Go to Current 2021 Texas Adult Rankings and find your NTRP rating link.

Q: How do I register in doubles?

A: During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to invite another player to be your doubles partner. You can also invite a doubles partner via the Schedule Tab in your USTA Player Profile. If you are invited as a partner, you will need to accept to create the double pairing. NOTE: Both partners will need to know the other player’s USTA ID to create the pair.

To invite a partner while registering for an event:
Step 1: Register for the tournament/event. Here is a guide to assist: Registering for a Tournament
Step 2: Under the Assign Doubles Partners section of the additional info page, Click Assign Doubles Partner
Step 3: You will see your name, event name, and Partner-no partner assigned. Click Assign
Step 4: There are three scenarios here, for all scenarios you will need the player’s USTA number.
1. Your doubles partner has not yet registered – you can invite them to be your partner
2. Your doubles partner has registered but not selected you – you can assign your partner
3. Your doubles partner has registered and invited you to be your doubles partner

Q: When do I know which division I will be selected to play?

A: After the deadline of October 10, 2021, at 11:59 pm (CDT), players will be moved from the “participants” list to “entered” list. The top 8 players on each division will be selected, and your credit card will be charged at that time.

Q: If I am not sure what division to sign up for, how many divisions can I enter?

A: You can register for up to 5 events, but you will only be selected to play 2 events (1 singles and 1 doubles -OR- 2 doubles). If entering more than 2 divisions, you need to notify the TD before the entry deadline of your preferred selection order by sending an email to If no selection is made, the TD may enter you in a division at his discretion.

Q: If I have questions about the tournament, how do I communicate with you?

A: Unless it is an emergency, please do not call or text the TD. Please send email to: Include your full name, Division(s) entered and your question/concern. All efforts will be made to return emails within 24 hours.

Q: What will happen after selections are made?

A: Once we select the top 8 players in each division, you will be notified and will be moved to the players’ list. You will receive notification that you were selected, and your credit card will be charged. In addition you will receive a JotForm asking you to purchase your 2021 Master Long Sleeve shirt and select one of choices of the Gift Card that you wish to receive. This is in lieu of having the Saturday Players’ Party, which will not be held due to City and Club Covid restrictions.

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