Future Stars

Future Stars

A Series of Beginner Tournaments

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Future Stars tournaments are the perfect starting point for children, as they are designed to give players a taste of competitive tennis in a fun, inviting, and welcoming environment. Particularly for players with little tournament experience, these one-day tournaments offer an opportunity to compete, meet other players, and start building tournament skills!

Find the latest events and past results in the links below: 

January 19, 2019January 13, 2019Polo Tennis ClubAustin800052819
February 3, 2019January 27, 2019RippnerTennisAustin800033819
February 16, 2019February 10, 2019RippnerTennis Leander 800004319
March 2, 2019February 25, 2019Polo Tennis ClubAustin800053019
March 23, 2019March 15, 2019Polo Tennis ClubAustin800053519
May 11, 2019May 5, 2019RippnerTennisLeander800003519
June 8, 2019June 2, 2019Onion Creek Country ClubAustin800063619
June 15, 2019June 9, 2019RippnerTennisLeander800025119
July 27, 2019July 21, 2019Onion Creek Country ClubAustin800063719
August 10, 2019August 4, 2019RippnerTennis Leander 800048519
August 17, 2019August 11, 2019Georgetown Tennis Academy End of SummerGeorgetown800035119
September 21, 2019September 15, 2019RippnerTennisLeander800049319
September 28, 2019September 22, 2019Berry Creek Country ClubAustin800063819
November 2, 2019October 27, 2019Polo Tennis ClubAustin800053119
December 7, 2019December 1, 2019Onion Creek Country ClubLeander 800049419
December 14, 2019December 8, 2019Georgetown Tennis AcademyGeorgetown800035519

Below are some important play aspects and formatting guidelines for Future Stars:

  • Events are one-day sanctioned tournaments for players ages 8-18 (USTA membership not required)
  • Matches are played in accordance with the six respective elements for Red, Orange, and Green Ball Tennis

  • Offers a Red Ball division for 8s players to introduce them to the basics of competition

  • Offers both Orange and Green Ball divisions for 10s players of all technical abilities and skill levels

  • Offers a Green Ball Novice division that best applies to beginners ages 11-18

    • ​​A novice player is a participant who is new to tournaments or match play and who has limited experience, ability, and/or understanding of the game

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