*Suspended* Westwood Senior Championships (Sr, SS)

May 21, 2020 – May 25, 2020 all-day
Westwood Country Club
3808 W. 35th St Austin
TX 78703
ONLINE ENTRY FEES: Singles - $70.38 singles; Doubles - $70.38 per partner per event; Three online entries is $161.14 MAIL-IN ENTRY FEES: Singles - $65; Doubles - $65 per partner Three mail-in entries is $145.
Frank Kelly
(512) 453-7249

Entries Open: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Senior Men’s & Women’s Singles & Doubles: 35-50 (FMLC)
Senior Mixed Doubles: 40,50 (FMLC)
Senior Father-Son Doubles: 0 (FMLC)
Senior Mother-Daughter Doubles: 0 (FMLC)
Senior Sr. Father-Son Doubles: 0 (FMLC)
Senior Sr. Mother-Daughter Doubles: 0 (FMLC)
Super Senior Men’s & Women’s Singles & Doubles: 55-85
Super Senior Mixed Doubles: 60,70
Senior 50 NTRP Men’s & Senior 50 NTRP Women’s Singles & Doubles: 3.0-4.5
Events age 65 and up will be played on clay courts
Events age 60 and under will be played on hard courts


POINTS: National: Super Category II Championships: 5x.
TX Section Points: Senior-600 Super Sr-400.
(Women’s 85 singles and doubles are not a Ranked division for Texas rankings, but will count towards National points.)

HEADQUARTERS: Westwood Country Club, 3808 West 35th Street, Austin 78703.

NEW DIVISIONS – Age 50+ players – please note that this tournament is offering the new age 50+ 3.5 and 4.0 divisions. These new divisions along with 4.5 players in the regular 50 and over draw, will receive qualifying point towards the 2019 National NTRP Championship tournament.

Scheduled Format: Two-of-three sets with ad scoring.
Weather conditions during the tournament may change this scheduled format.

REGISTRATION: Beginning 3:00 pm, Thursday or 7:00 am, Friday.
SCHEDULE OF PLAY: Super Senior singles (ages 55-85) events may begin 4:00 pm, Thursday. All other events 8:00 am, Friday.
EMAIL: [email protected]
SPECIAL NOTES: Consolation voluntary in Senior and Super Senior events according to Texas Section regulations.

Adult / Senior / Super Senior players and teams:

USTA rules state that in a Round Robin draw“a player who is defaulted for any reason other than lateness shall not play in subsequent matches and may not be declared the winner of the round robin.[Friend at Court Reg. II.B.6.d.] Therefore, if a player or team defaults, they will not be allowed to play the Rounds following that defaulted match, and if subsequent matches are played, the draw will be changed to show default(s) which will result in win(s) for the opposing player(s) or team(s).


—CONSOLATIONS will be offered in all events and are voluntary. Sign up sheets will be posted at each tournament desk.—

Player Selection Type

No Selection Process. All registered players will be selected.

Entry Type

Entry to this tournament is open to all USTA members. Entries Open: Saturday, January 25, 2020 . Only USTA members can register online if available.

Quick Reference

In the future, you can jump straight to this tournament by entering the tournament identification number: 800036520 from the searchable schedule homepage.

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