DEADLINE SETTA 100th Annual Labor Day Classic

August 18, 2019 @ 11:59 pm
Beaumont Tennis Center
$38.13 - Singles; $33 - Levels and Parent / Child doubles per partner per event; $23 - Junior doubles per partner; EVENT LIMIT: 1 singles, 1 doubles -OR- 2 doubles.
Eric Striesfeld
DEADLINE SETTA 100th Annual Labor Day Classic @ Beaumont Tennis Center
$5K OPEN Divisions- UTR- Men’s & Womens Sing & Dubs, and Mixed Dubs $$$$Welcome to the 100th Annual Beaumont, TX Labor Day Classic Tournament! $5K Prize Money!!
Play will start Friday August 23, timing dependent on # of entries. 
There are Three different Divisions being played in this event. Prize $$$$ payouts, totaling $5K as follows:Register:

MEN’S OPEN SINGLES (max draw 64):
Champion: $1,200; Finalist: $500; Semi-Finalist: $150 each

WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES (max draw 64):
Champion: $1,200; Finalist: $500; Semi-Finalist: $150 each

UTR OPEN DOUBLES (max draw 64 teams):
Champions: $500 team; Finalist: $300 team; Semi-Finalist: $100 per team

This is the longest running tournament in all of Texas! This event is put on by South East Texas Tennis Association (SETTA), a non profit group that’s mission is to grow tennis in the SE Texas community. From youth and college scholarships and much, much more this event is the largest annual fundraiser for SETTA! 
This event is played at The Beaumont Municipal Tennis Center. 20 Outdoor Lighted Hard courts and 4 lighted Covered hard courts, with 5,000 sq foot clubhouse. 
Eric Striesfeld will serve as Tournament Director.
832-428-5048 cell
[email protected] more info

Juniors and Adult Levels Divisions start play Saturday 8/24Friday Night Kickoff Party Celebrating 100th year of this event!! All players and friends and the community is invited to a fun night!!

Adult Levels and Juniors will start play no earlier than Saturday 8:00am. 

Contact Eric Striesfeld, Tourney Director, 832-428-5048 text or email:
[email protected]


POINTS: TX Section: Adult-200;
Senior-200 (the 50+ divisions).National: Adult – Local: 1x.
Parent / Child is not a USTA Texas ranked division – will not receive Texas ranking points.

 No Ranking Points or Progression
Non Qualified/Challenger: No Ranking Points
Champs: Level 2 “Other” Main Draw Ranking Points
Super Champs: Texas Tier 5 Points.

Beaumont Tennis Center
6455 College Street
Beaumont, Texas.

REGISTRATION: Players must register at first match playing site 30 minutes prior to start of match.
SCHEDULE OF PLAY: Open Divisions can expect to start play Friday based on draw size and if you are playing more than 1 event.
PHONE FOR INFORMATION: 832-428-5048 cell
EMAIL: [email protected]
SPECIAL NOTES: Events will not be held if fewer than 3 entries. No refunds after deadline or for weather-related cancellations. First match loser Consolation held in all events except for OPEN Draws.

Adult Scheduled Format: Two-of-three sets regular scoring with a 10 point match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set.
Weather conditions during the tournament may change this scheduled format.

NEW DIVISIONS – Age 50+ players – please note that this tournament is offering the new age 50+ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels divisions. These new divisions will receive qualifying points towards the 2020 National NTRP Championship tournament.

No-Show Defaults: If a player does not send written notice that they will need to default a match, to the Tournament Director at least one hour before the date and time of the scheduled match, the defaulting player will receive 5 Suspension Points.

NTRP TX Sanctioned players are required to Self Rate, if they have no rating. If a player enters and plays a TX Sanctioned tournament levels division with a “0.0” rating, they will be notified that Self Ratings are now required for play in levels divisions in Texas Sanctioned Tournaments. A player violating this rule by playing in a levels division in a second sanctioned tournament without a self rating will receive an automatic 30 day suspension and any points earned from those tournaments will be removed.

Round Robin draws:
 a player who is defaulted for any reason other than lateness shall not play in subsequent matches. If a player or team defaults, they will not be allowed to play the Rounds following that defaulted match, and if subsequent matches are played, those matches will not count towards rankings.

SEEDING: USTA Texas recommends the “All Factors Method” of seeding for Ad/Sr/SS divisions and that Committees use the Texas 12 Month Rolling Standings List for initial considerations. If other information is to be considered (such as head-to-head wins), emails must be sent to the Tournament Director immediately after entry deadline.


Youth Tennis Texas Website:
For more information on Challenger, CMZ, or SCMZ schedules, and “Junior Know The Rules,” please visit 
10 & Under Regulation – Junior Other Tournaments All junior other sanctioned tournaments offer 10 & Under Orange Ball Division (orange ball, 60 foot court and 25 inch racquet) and 10 & Under Green Ball Division (green dot ball, 78 foot court and 27 inch racquet). Please register for the correct division based upon age, Challenger tournament credit / wins, etc. All tournament entries are verified by the section office. For the full 10 & Under regulation, please click here
Excessive Overrule Guideline: The USTA Texas Officials Committee along with the Competitive Department has established a guideline in reference to excessive overrules as clarified in the Friend at Court. This guideline states “Once a player has been overruled for a second time in a match, they will be cautioned that after another overrule, they will be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct under the point penalty system.”

In an effort to promote a more enjoyable and fair experience for all, the following policy is in immediate force and effect, and shall be diligently and stringently enforced. USTA Texas has implemented a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy for improper behavior.1. Any attempt by a spectator to speak to the official in an abusive or disrespectful manner regarding a line call or other ruling during match play shall be cause for immediate removal from the playing area and, if warranted, from the premises.
2. Any spectator behavior deemed unacceptable towards a player, other spectator or staff member shall be cause for immediate removal from the playing area or the entire premises. If said behavior is directed towards a player, either before, during or after a tournament, it shall result in an automatic and immediate suspension of that spectator’s right to attend USTA Texas tournaments, for a period of time to be determined by the USTA Texas Discipline and Grievance Committee.
3. Refusal to adhere to a removal request shall trigger immediate enforcement of the point penalty system against the player with whom the spectator is involved (per point penalty system regulations), including possible immediate default from the tournament.4. The On-Site Official is the SOLE judge regarding unacceptable behavior. 

There are no refunds for withdrawals after the entry deadline or for weather related cancellations.

Inappropriate umpire/spectator communication, whether it be about a ruling or any other facet of a tennis event is prohibited while a match is in progress. Being a parent, coach, etc. does not endow special privileges. With the only exception of the right to remove their own child from competition at any time, a parent or coach is merely a spectator.
USTA Texas “No Late Entries” Policy for Juniors Due to a new USTA Texas internal procedure, junior division players will NOT be able to register for a tournament after the online published deadline. We are aware that currently parents reach out via email or phone to the USTA Texas staff and/or tournament director requesting to be manually added to the tournament after online registration has closed. If a player misses the registration deadline, then he/she will not be permitted to participate in that tournament
Registration Confirmation: As a parent or player it is your responsibility to assure registration in the event. Regardless if you register on the website or mobile app after completing the registration you should visit the USTA web driven site and confirm your registration by finding the player in the applicants list. If you select to skip this process please be aware that should any malfunctions of the system occur, players will not be granted late entrance in the event due to a system error.
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Player Selection Type

No Selection Process. All registered players will be selected.

Entry Type

Entry to this tournament is open to all USTA members. Entries must be submitted by Sunday, August 18, 2019 11:59:00 PM Central Time. Only USTA members can register online if available.

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