Captaining 101

Captaining 101

Want to start a new team or taking over an established one?
Had some trouble navigating the CATA League Regulations?!
Tired of getting schooled on the rules by captains who seem to understand every nuance better than you?!
Want some free food???

Then Captaining 101 is where you need to be!

Captaining 101 is your opportunity to ask any and every question you may have about getting a team off the ground, into the league, and on to the pedestal of champions!

Captaining 101 meetings are generally scheduled just before the start of each season.
Meetings are usually scheduled for an hour at the CATA office at 5511 Parkcrest Drive.

There is a presentation covering important websites and details about getting a team together.
However, meetings are made to be tailored to the attendees.
Any and every question is encouraged on any league topic.

If you’re a new captain wanting some tips and tricks; an experienced captain wanting some clarifications; or a curious player planning a coup to wrest control from your current captain, everyone is welcome at Captaining 101.

4 out of 5 Captaining 101 alumnus think you should also attend and get better acquainted with the rules of Austin league tennis, get some captaining pro-tips, get all your league questions answered, and grab some free food. The 5th alumnus wants to hog all of the wisdom for themselves and would prefer you not attend so they can continue schooling you on and off the courts. 

Please fill out the form below if you would like to attend a meeting.
Please select as many dates as you can attend, just in case response is low on a date.
The Director of Leagues will email you a confirmation near the meeting date to let you know if the meeting is set to run. 

Captaining 101

Captaining 101 meetings will be held virtually. Virtual meeting web address will be sent out prior to the meeting.
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