CATA’s Strategic Plan


CATA’s Strategic Plan 2015

This Strategic Plan is meant to serve as the guide to growing tennis in our CATA community using real and quantifiable goals.

Mission Statement:

To promote and develop the lifetime sport of tennis for all in order to have a happier, healthier community.

Vision Statement:

The entire CATA-wide community will have access to the sport of tennis.

Major Strategic Priorities

1. Expand Strategic Partnerships/Sponsors
    (a) Expand collaborative partnerships and sponsors within our CATA tennis community to foster the growth of tennis;
    (b) Provide funding, leadership, training and education to promote the growth of tennis throughout our community;
    (c) CATA Capital Campaign, a community-wide fundraising campaign for additional courts;
2. Tournaments and Leagues
    (a) Continue to expand and develop tennis opportunities for all ages of players;
    (b) Promote player development;
    (c) Increase Tournament and League participation for all ages;
3. Community Programs
    (a) Increase participation by offering play opportunities and programs throughout the community;
4. Diversity and Inclusion
    (a) Achieve Diversity and inclusion in programs, volunteers, staff and membership that reflect the community demographics;
5. Marketing and Communications
    (a) Extend and improve CATA’s communication throughout the tennis community;
    (b) Extend and improve Marketing initiatives throughout the community;
6. Civic and Fiscal Responsibility
    (a) Attract, train and retain volunteers, board members and staff;
    (b) Maintain Financial Strength by generating new revenues and allocating funds judiciously;
    (c) Hold the board, committee leadership, volunteers and staff members accountable for achieving their objectives





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